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Why Choose Dance Class with
Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC?


Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC's mission is simple. We believe that everyone can dance! We offer small class sizes to ensure individualized attention to each student.

We are flexible. We understand that families have busy schedules with Parents juggling to get all their children to their many different activities. We have flexible and reasonable schedules and payment plans. We will work with you to ensure your child enjoys their dance experience with us vs. becoming stressed and burned out. Our goal is to help avoid it becoming a chore for Parents to get their kids to DANCE!


It is our goal to create a fun and welcoming environment where all students can learn, gain confidence and have fun while growing a love for the art of dance!



We believe that every student has their own unique potential and should be encouraged to reach their own, personal goals. 


We use an educational approach, where student’s abilities can be nurtured through a positive, supportive environment. We offer a comprehensive dance program that was designed based on the various stages of a dancers development. Dance History is a part of curriculum at PDT, LLC.


More about us:

The school takes pride in giving back to its’ community through various community outreach events and sponsorships.  We are thrilled to be recognized by many as “the friendly, vibrant dance school in Peterborough!” We are honored to have the opportunity to watch our students grow into beautiful dancers, as well as people.  We believe that dance education can be a prominent part in helping to develop children into confident, happy young adults.


...Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC cares about developing the whole person/performer as an individual. We're interested in finding the best dancer inside each student.


...Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC offers dance classes for Ages 3 to Adults, at all Levels! We believe DANCE is for everyone, and that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through dance!


When you choose to dance with Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC, you can expect to be challenged in a positive, caring, supportive, nurturing, inspiring and fun environment and be part of a close knit supportive dance family.

Dance is work, but it should be FUN!


Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC instructors are current adult performing artist professionals, who possess the education, experience, knowledge, and passion necessary for providing sound artistic and technical training to young developing dancers. Our approach to teaching is from an anatomically correct perspective at all times. 


Studies have shown that children who participate in the arts, develop skills that last a lifetime, intersocial and personal, and can have a positive impact on their academic success.


The Facility & More...


Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC is conveniently located in the beautiful Strand Building in Peterborough, a community known for it's thriving cultural arts scene. Just steps from some of the towns best restaurants, shopping, entertainment and services, there are lots of options for parents while their children are in dance class, including a welcoming, comfortable, common waiting area with free high-speed internet. Parents love our hassle free "drop off & pick up", nearby amenities.


Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC boasts a bright, airy and cheery inviting atmosphere, adding to the inspiring atmosphere while you dance. Our floors are professionally sprung dance floors, softer and even more desirable and hygienic than wood, (the same floors as the Joffrey Ballet School, the American Tap Dance Foundation, & the Broadway Dance Center, all of New York City), providing safety as dancers train & develop, greatly lessening chances of strain, fatigue or injury to develop.


Conveniently located within walking distance to both South Meadow and Conval Schools, Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC provides easy ground level entrance access, including accessible entranceway, and ample hassle free parking.


Smoke free and Fully Climate Controlled and Air-conditioned, with windows to the outside for fresh air circulation.


Prior to branching out on her own, Artistic Director Pati Cloutier owned & operated the highly successful Monadnock Performing Arts Academy LLC in Depot Square, Peterborough NH for 14 years, from 1999-2013. Many of her students have gone on to pursue professional careers internationally in many facets of the Performing Arts, including Dance, Music and Theatre, via higher education college dance programs, advanced professional training, cruise lines, and the concert and Broadway stage.


Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC welcomes you to come and try a dance class free ANYTIME to see whether PDT LLC is a good fit for you!


So whatever your goals are as a dancer, be it a Pre-Professional, Pre-Collegiate, or Recreational, the Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC has a dance class for you and has what it takes to help you achieve your goals!



*We are a "Non-Competition Dance Studio", a rarity in this business, meaning we do not participate in mass-marketed dance competitions for "trophies".

PDT  LLC chooses rather to maintain its artistic integrity through the learning "process", choosing to devote more time spent on providing sound traditional dance technique training with the benefit of additional performance opportunity if desired (See "Cloutier & Co. Dance" Page), preventing dancer "burn out" and working toward goals of a long time career in dance if that is your desire. We see them on television all the time, along with every other type of competition programming. If dance competition is what you seek, that is your choice, but we recommend that Parents consider wisely the benefits vs. risks. Competition Dance Teams can require a high cost of additional time and money for costumes, entrance fees and travel such as hotel stays etc. beyond your regular tuition. And at what cost? Is it really worth it? Is it right for your child, your family? We recommend attending a dance competition before deciding what is right for you and your family. 


And as a Parent, you can always count on us being "age appropriate" when it comes to both music and movement, whether it be in class or performance!

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