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Peterborough Dance Theatre, llc Dress Code


Please refer to PDT LLC's Online Dancewear Store for all your Dress Code needs



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Under “Students”, in the drop select “Find My Studio” and enter PDT LLC's code 57062. On this site, items listed in Dress Code List are not specific to individual classes, but rather more of a generalized list of items that are considered appropriate.


This site has a great selection at competitive prices!


I do have some dance shoes in my personal inventory, especially jazz and tap shoes.  

Please inquire by email to Pati Cloutier at and if I have it in stock, I'll bring it to your next class. 



Young Dancers Classes Ages 3-7:


Leotard and Capezio style transition dance tights, or leggings, dance dresses or skirts allowed, pink ballet slippers for girls, (black tap shoes for "COMBO" Class/CAPEZIO or BLOCH Taps ONLY! Non-Brand/Generic tap shoes not allowed for they damage the dance floor), hair pulled back.

Boys: Plain White Tee shirt and black leggings or thin loose fit slim fit jersey pant.

Black Ballet Slippers and Black Tap Shoes with black socks. Long sleeve tee acceptable in colder months.


Dancers ages 8 and above (or 7 yrs. old with at least 2 years experience entering PDT's Class Level System):


Ballet and Pointe Classes:


Solid colored leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Skirts allowed in center only. Hair in a bun.



Jazz and Tap:


Solid colored leotard, black jazz pants (like Yoga pants) or leggings, Black jazz shoes for jazz class and Black tap shoes (CAPEZIO Taps ONLY!) for tap class, hair pulled back.





Solid colored leotard, black leggings, dance shorts, or skin tone tights, bare feet or Foot Undeez, hair pulled back.





Solid colored leotard, jazz pants, Capezio jazz dance sneakers, hair pulled back. (Footwear must be carried in and not worn on the street, since street shoes are NEVER allowed on the dance floor!)


Musical Theater:


Same as JAZZ and TAP


Boys (all styles):


Black dance pants, black ballet slippers, black tap shoes (CAPEZIO Taps ONLY!) or sneakers, white or black T-shirt.





Should be pulled back and secured neatly away from face for all classes. In a bun for Ballet classes.



Warm-Up Attire acceptable in colder months, for beginning of class, or as needed. At discretion of instructor.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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