Tuition  2021-2022

*Please call for pricing rates of Homeschool, Special Needs & Elder Dance Classes


           1 Class per week  

             10X Monthly Payments: $70 First Student ($65 Sibling) 

                2X Payments: $350 First Student ($325 Sibling)

              1X Payment: $700 First Student ($650 Sibling) 


                                                             2 Classes per week   

              10X Monthly Payments: $130 First Student ($120 Sibling) 

              2X Payments: $650 First Student ($600 Sibling) 

               1X Payment: $1300 First Student ($1200 Sibling) 


                                                             3 Classes per week 

             10X Monthly Payments: $180 First Student ($165 Sibling) 

               2X Payments: $900 First Student ($825 Sibling) 

               1X Payment: $1800 First Student ($1650 Sibling) 


                                                             4 Classes per week 

             10X Monthly Payments: $220 First Student ($200 Sibling) 

             2X Payments:$1100 First Student ($1000 Sibling) 

             1X Payment: $2200 First Student ($2000 Sibling) 


                                                            5 Classes per week 

            10X Monthly Payments: $250 First Student ($225 Sibling)

             2X Payments: $1250 First Student ($1125 Sibling) 

            1X Payment: $2500 First Student ($2250 Sibling) 


Please inquire for discounted rates for 6+ Classes, or have a family with 3+ children,

or if you are transferring from another studio, or if you are a former dance student of Miss Pati and now have children of your own who wish to dance, or if you are a current student and are referring someone to PDT. 


Pointe is considered an additional, separate class, and based on the 1 Class per Week Tuition Rate


Costume Fees are due with Feb. 1 tuition, at $75 per class/costume.

School Year Program is payable monthly, due by the 1st calendar day of each month Sept.-June or at your first class of any given month, 10X, 2X (Sept. & Jan.), or 1X for Full Year (Sept.). Please consider carefully when choosing the 1X or 2X payment option. This option is intended for those who know realize they are making a commitment for the length of time paid. Tuition is non-refundable. Payments may be placed in "lockbox" located in studio, or mailed to: PDT, 1 Jaffrey Rd. Unit #7, Peterborough NH 03458.Email reminders are sent monthly and Bi-Annually. We do not send paper statements. PDT's program operates on a 36-Week/ Class per calendar season, which excludes holiday vacation breaks. Some months may contain fewer than 4 classes, but rest assured, you are getting all 36 classes September thru June. PDT's Program fee's are based on the season and not per class.

First payment due with Registration (and annual Reg. Fee of $35 per student or $40 per Family), and is non-refundable. It is advisable that you are certain of registering and committing to classes, before making any payment.
The preferred method is by check, payable to PDT, though payment plans are available for your convenience by Auto Credit Card (fee charged per transaction).
Tuition & Payment plans must be arranged & paid by students’ first class.

For families with more than one child dancing PDT offers "Sibling Discounts". To calculate start with the child taking the most classes, or longest class. 

Please inquire about additional discounts for families of 3 or more & Work Study



Our Tuition Structure is designed so that the more classes you take, the more you save!

Keep in mind, adding classes after Dec. 1, results in paying full price for each additional class. Starting all classes in September results in more discounts. For example, it is highly recommended that if you cannot start a class until Nov. due to a sport or other activity, that you register for it in September anyway. This not only holds your spot in the class should it fill, but saves you money in the long run. No accounts can be put on "hold" for winter sports, or any mid-year activity that interrupts your participation. If you choose to take a break for another activity for any length of time, you must re-register upon your return, if there is still space in the class. Tuition must be continued through that time to hold your place in the class until you are ready to resume. If a class is full and there is a waiting list, you need to continue tuition to save your spot in that class while you pursue another activity. If you opt to stop tuition, you essentially give up your spot in the class and PDT then has the option to accept a dancer from a waiting list, risking your spot being taken when you are ready to return.


*Drop-In Single Class Rate $20


All "Drop-In" students must have completed and submitted, an adult signed Registration Form to participate, with Reg. Fee paid. 


Tuition is "Non-Refundable".


It is your responsibility to notify Director of any plans to withdraw, 30 days prior to withdrawal. No refunds on Costume Fee at any time. Accounts must be kept in good standing including, June tuition paid in full prior to release of costume(s) regardless if costume(s) has been paid for. PDT does not offer "tuition credits". 

Auto-Pay Accounts will resume unless customer notifies PDT before the first day of the upcoming month.


PDT, LLC reserves the right to deny services to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.


Late fees $25

Return Check Fee $25

Declined Credit Card Fee $25 (Please be sure to update your account with any changes)


Any account in arrears more than 2 months are subject to "non-participation" until account is brought up to date or remedied.

Withdrawals after the 1st of the month require the next full month’s tuition payment.


Students may try classes at the *Drop-In Class Rate. If student registers, then *Drop-In fees paid will be applied toward Registration Fee & Tuition.