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             Peterborough Dance Theatre, llc


                                          Calendar 2023-2024 Season

                                       Thanksgiving Break Nov. 20-24

                                      December Holiday Dec. 25-Jan. 5

                                        February Break Feb. 26-March 1

                                           April Break April 22-26

                                     Memorial Day-May 27 (Closed)

                            Year End Presentation- Saturday June 22nd, 2pm

                                          (Dress Rehearsal Friday, June 21st,1-5pm)



Dance Mariarden holds Classes, Intensives, & Young Children's Themed Camps (please call 603-547-0226 for more info.)


"DANCE MARIARDEN", PDT LLC's annual Summer Celebration of Dance! PDT LLC celebrates summer with a special dance schedule published in the late Spring of each year, and emailed to existing PDT LLC Students. Plan now to maintain your technique, strength and flexibility throughout the Summer and explore and recapture Peterborough's vast, rich history of Dance, through daily technique classes throughout the summer. Schedules have included: Choreography & Improvisation, Leaps Jumps & Turns, Increasing Performance Quality, Guest Instructors, Music for Dancers, Fitness (Zumba), Floor Barre & Stretching Techniques, Films, Outdoor Dance History Chats, Costuming, Hair & Stage Makeup, Field trips, Swimming, Sleepovers, BBQ Picnics and more! New Students and those with questions, please call for Schedule and more info. 547-0226. Remember, our studios are climate controlled and will be comfortably cool to keep you dancing throughout the summer months!





PDT LLC Studios opens approximately 15 minutes prior to first class time of the day, and closes promptly approximately 15 minutes following final class of the day. For many of the Staff, teaching dance is a part time job, and often we may be coming from another job to teach at PDT LLC. Because of this, Staff may arrive close to the start time of the first class of the day. Please be aware of this if dropping off your child. Main door to building is always open. 

Although no staff would ever leave a child to wait alone, there may be instances where the staff member has to leave promptly following class due to having to get to another job. It is expected that those responsible will pick up their child immediately following their class(es), especially after the last class of the day. Should your child be being picked up by someone other than yourself, it is a good idea to call studio number to inform staff of this special circumstance. Although safety of the children is a number one priority of PDT Staff, and that we would never leave a child unattended, we cannot assume responsibility for those left waiting for parent /guardian pick up for more than 15 minutes after the final class of the day.


Any student dropped off at studio unsupervised, should arrive no more than 1/2 hour prior to their class start time. They may wait in the Reception Area. Students who arrive earlier than teacher are asked to be respectful of our neighbors while waiting and remain in the waiting area engaging in quiet activities such as homework. Parents are also responsible for their children if they choose to drop off prior to teacher's arrival. During classes PDT LLC teachers are busy engaged in their teaching duties and are not responsible for students left at the studio unsupervised for long periods of time. This is for your child's safety. Thank you for your understanding.





In the event of classes being canceled due to weather, students affected will receive email notification of cancellation of classes for that day by 1pm. If the Conval District cancels school or issues an Early Release, PDT LLC will also cancel, unless the main roads clear enough by afternoon for the studio to be open for classes. It is best to monitor your emails after lunch. Students may make up any canceled classes in another class of their choice, personal absences or PDT LLC Cancellations (please inform Director when you plan to do this and which class(es) you would like to attend). PDT LLC will also offer "Snow Day" Make up Days on various weekends and into the Spring for any weekday missing more than 2 days due to weather (for any weekday missing up to 2 days due to weather, students may be asked to utilize the PDT LLC Make Up Policy listed below). Snow Day cancelations do not count against your goal of Perfect Attendance.





Peterborough Dance Theatre LLC recognizes students dedication to their art for Perfect Attendance in any class, as well as 5,10 and 15 years of continuous study (former MPAA Years honored, and new starting 2017-18 Season any dancers transferring from other dance studios), as well as Graduating Seniors. Years must be with MPAA or PDT LLC schools. A list of past shows is posted each year to help you calculate your years. Please note, years counted are by performances completed and not chronological age. Years with any other school can receive recogniti on in class amongst peers, but do not count towards actual Awards for dancing for 5, 10 or 15 Years with either MPAA & PDT LLC schools. 

Perfect Attendance means you commenced classes at the beginning of the PDT LLC dance year in September and have attended the equivalent of 36 classes for each class registered for (this includes making up classes missed). Students with a delayed start to the dance year, do not qualify for PDT LLC's Perfect Attendance, even if they attend every class from their start date. You must start in September to be officially eligible for PDT LLC's Perfect Attendance recognition. Attendance Awards will be honored at the last class of the year. 5,10,15 & Senior Awards will be honored during the Awards Ceremony at the conclusion of the June Show. Sign ups will be posted at studio in the May, along with all past MPAA & PDT LLC shows. Email notice will be sent when sign ups are posted. It is the responsibility of the Student and/or Parent to add their name to the lists posted. If this does not occur, the student cannot be guaranteed an award at showtime. They can still be announced if Director is notified, but may miss the opportunity of receiving their actual physical Award onstage, and will have to wait until an Award is ordered over the Summer. Please try and avoid this for obvious reasons. There is ample notice for you to be aware. It is not the fault of PDT LLC if one neglects to sign their name to post. Congratulations on your dedication & commitment! And remember, Alumnae are always welcomed back to take class at any time!





Consistent attendance is respectful, expected and necessary for developing technique. If a student misses a class, they may make up missed classes in any class/ any style, at or below their current level within 4 weeks of the absence. Instructors are happy to help suggest what class(es) would be appropriate to participate in for make ups. Please call or text 547-0226 to report absences and schedule make ups. Classes canceled by PDT LLC for reasons due to weather or other matters, do not count against Perfect Attendance, although dancers are highly encouraged to make up all classes missed, whether it be by PDT LLC's cancellation or your own personal absences. Classes made up DO qualify towards Perfect Attendance in missed classes, as long as Instructor is informed of which class you are making up for, so that they may record it properly. Informing the Instructor at the beginning of the make up class is your responsibility.


If PDT is forced to cancel 3X due to inclement weather, we will schedule a make up day

Students are encouraged to utilize PDT's Up Policy to make up additional snow day cancelations.

Attending "Snow Day Make Up" classes can also be applied to your goal of Perfect Attendance, but again, it is the dancer's responsibility to inform the Instructor of your intentions.

Make PDT LLC does not provide tuition refunds or pro-rate for personal absences. The program fee is set for the 10 months of the dance year and remains that amount regardless if you miss classes 


From May-June, any student missing 2+ classes may forfeit their opportunity to perform in those classes the Year End Production in June. All Make Ups must be completed by April Break.

Dancers who wish to sit and observe class vs. participate must remain quiet and focused when doing so, as to not distract the flow of a class. Observers must have a Parent notify the Director any day they to request to observe. Class observation is considered temporary and should only be an occasional request (for example once every 6 weeks is considered acceptable).


Dancers requesting to attend class remotely via Zoom, must put in the request by 12pm of the day of request. PDT is not always set up for this. It takes planning and time in a teachers schedule to set up properly for dancers to attend this way. No last minute requests will be accepted.



PDT LLC has a "Student Assistant Program"  opportunity for teen dancers interested in assisting with younger children's classes. If interested, students should contact Director, Pati Cloutier during registration at the beginning of each year for an application and more details of responsibilities for this role. On occasion this is by invitation.






PDT LLC Studio is available for your event!


Do you need an open space for a small gathering, birthday party, family celebration or other event that you don't currently have the space for in your home? Are you looking for a space to offer a Yoga, Wellness or Ballroom Workshop or class, Book Club, Writers Group, Theatre Rehearsal, Business Presentation, Awards Ceremony or some other type of group gathering? Do you have a group of Homeschoolers looking for a daytime movement class? What about an open space for a Play Date, especially during the winter months or hot summer dog days, when being outside is just unbearable? We may have just what you need! We will even help organize and run your event at your request. We have ideas and can provide Staff for themed parties/dances as well, be it birthday parties for children or adults or both! Let us help.


We can also provide, refrigeration, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, tables, chairs, TV screen & music, just bring your guests!


Contact Pati Cloutier at 547-0226 for more info. and to discuss fees and book your date(s). Air-Conditioned for Summer Events!



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